Sheikh Salah Al-Hejailan

Court Admissions:Saudi Arabia
Education:LL.B., University of Cairo, 1962 Masters Degree in International Public Administration, University of Southern California, 1968

Sheikh Salah Al-Hejailan, CBE is the principal of The Law Firm of Salah Al-Hejailan, which he founded in December 1967, adding a branch office in Jeddah in 1983, and a branch office in Al Khobar in 2013, and which offers a broad range of legal services, including inter alia government affairs and contracts, foreign investment and joint ventures, distribution and franchise, banking and financial services, and international and domestic arbitration, litigation and dispute resolution.

His knowledge of Saudi and practice spans almost forty years. After graduating from the University of Cairo in 1962, Sheikh Salah was one of three Saudi law graduates appointed as legal adviser to the majilis al wusara (Council of Ministers), a post he held from 1962 to 1973. During this period of his career, he participated in the review, drafting and promulgation of numerous government regulations and royal decrees, as well as serving on various governmental committees and commissions. From 1966 to 1968, he attended the University of Southern California, graduating in 1968 with a Master’s degree in international public administration. Over recent years, Sheikh Salah has been featured as a speaker at conferences sponsored by the International Chamber of Commerce, the International Bar Association and the Euro-Arab Arbitration System, as well as other major international institutions. Sheikh Salah has addressed and participated in the sponsorship of many conferences pertaining to the Middle East organised by universities and numerous multi-national companies. In addition, he has written many articles on Saudi, corporate, commercial and banking law, international commercial arbitration and international legal practice.

From the late 1970s until the early 1990s, Sheikh Salah was appointed by Royal Decree to the Board of Directors of the Ports Authority of Saudi Arabia. He is currently the Chairman of the Higher Board of Arbitration of the Euro-Arab Arbitration System which is located in Paris and London, a position that he has held since 1985.

Since 1977, Sheikh Salah has been a partner and member of the Board of Directors of Arabian International Maritime Company (an affiliate of ExxonMobil) and Thyssen Saudi Arabia (an affiliate of Thyssen Handelsunion, Germany). He was a founder shareholder of Saudi American Bank since its establishment in 1980 (30% of which was owned by Citibank), as well as a founder and member of the Board of Directors of Al Saudi Banque in Paris and its affiliate in Geneva. In 1991, Sheikh Salah became a director of ABC International Bank based in London (an affiliate of Arab Banking Corporation), the largest overseas Arab bank. In addition, Sheikh Salah sits on the Board of Directors of various companies, including Arla Foods (Saudi Arabia) and Aon Saudi Arabia E.C. In 2004 until 2007, he was a member of the Executive Committee of Dubai International Arbitration Center. In 2009, Sheikh Salah became a member of the Advisory Board of BAE Systems, UK. He is also the legal counsel to HRH Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, Chairman of Arab Thought Foundation, Beirut, Lebanon and legal advisor to HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz, Chairman, Kingdom Holding Company.

In April 2004, Sheikh Salah was appointed an Honorary Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in recognition of his services to British government.

Currently, Sheikh Salah serves on the board of various organisations involved in matters of public interest, including the Georgetown University Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, the Centre for Islamic & Middle East Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University and the Prince Salman Social Centre.

Today, Sheikh Salah is regarded as one of the pre-eminent commercial and litigation attorneys in the Middle East and his firm is the largest commercial and litigation practice in Saudi Arabia.

Sheikh Salah Al-Hejailan Interviews on Saudi Television

The speech delivered by Salah Al-Hejailan, Esq. when interviewed by Saudi Television approximately ten years ago, has shed light on some of the legal aspects which are of common concern. In that speech, Mr. Hejailan discussed, in general terms, various aspects of the legal profession, and that was intended to benefit whoever is concerned, in particular the new generation of practitioners. The speech was delivered in two episodes of the program entitled Hadith Al-Majalis (i.e. sayings of the gatherings). The interview was conducted by the media expert, Mr. Jassem Al-Othman.